Fan brawl in Bălți. FC Zaria supporters begun throwing stones at FC Zimbru bus, displeased by the final score

After a football match between FC Zaria Bălți and FC Zimbru Chișinău, fans from Bălţi decided to attack the bus with the supporters from Capital, displeased by the final score of 1-1. The fans from Bălți begun throwing rocks and attempted to destroy the bus.

The video posted on social media by an eyewitness shows how they run after the bus from Chisinau and throw stones at it.

Eyewitnesses wrote on social media that those stones could easily hit passers by, people waiting at the bus stop, or even other random cars and trolleybuses.

Police is investigating the case for hooliganism. According to chief of Bălți Police Inspectorate, Dumitru Cebotari, the fight was caused by the fans of FC Zimbru Chișinău, who cursed and showed rude gestures.

13 people from Bălţi and Chişinău now risk fines or even to 5 years of jail time.

At the beginning of April, Moldovan Football Federation fined FC Zaria Bălția with 10 000 lei, because their fans disturbed the match against FC Speranța Nisporeni.

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