Family from Truseni village turns passion into profitable business

Spring in the middle of winter. Greenhouses full of flowers come alive during this period of the season. This is the case of a family from Truseni village, Chisinau municipality. Over two thousand flowers from a total of ten thousand have already blossomed and are waiting for their buyers. 

Lupascu family cultivates flowers for over 18 years already. Their first plantation had an area of just one hundred square meters. Now, the greenhouse is 20 times bigger. 

Lupascu family managed to turn their passion into a successful business, which needs a lot of hard work.

Cyclamen is a particularly beautiful flower that blossoms among the first in January and is one of the most sold species.

The family conservatory has over 200 species of flowers and the price starts at 15 lei and can go up to several hundreds of lei. 

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