Family from Trejubujeni, Orhei started a business that was supported by USAID

An old house because the family business for a couple from Trebujeni village, Orhei district. They inherited it from their grandparents. It made Gandrabur family come back home after they have been working abroad for 20 years.

"It is not that easy to work abroad. The places where you spent your childhood always call you back and so did we", said Svetlana Gandrabur, owner of the house.

When they returned back home, they repaired the house and turned it into a touristic place.

"We tried to keep all the old things. During the summer it is cold in here, while during the winter it is hot", said Svetlana Gandrabur, the owner of the house.

The old house has four rooms that can host ten persons at once. The guests can also enjoy a big yard and porches.

This project was supported by USAID program, Sweden and the UK.

"It is a good example of how we can highlight the traditions of Moldova and prove that the Moldovans are hospitable", mentioned Thoms Alveteg, secretary of Sweden Embassy.

The project costed almost three million lei, among which, 10% were offered by foreigners.


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