Families in Glodeni to benefit new cheap housing

30 families in Glodeni district will benefit from housing. In the city, the construction of a 5-storey social block was started. Beneficiaries of the project will be families with many children, young specialists employed in state institutions and people with disabilities.

Olga Arama, aged 30, works at the Glodeni clinic as a gynecologist. She is dreaming to move to her new home, because she currently lives with her parents, along with her husband and baby. 

"It would be great to have an apartment so that we can develop further here. We're dreaming a better future", said Olga Arama. 

The first cornerstone was set by the dignitaries.

"It is a second project in the Glodeni district, this is a second phase. Likewise, 30 apartments will be built with three rooms, 10 with 2 rooms and 10 with one room respectively," said Dorin Andros, State Secretary, Ministry Regional Development.

Beneficiaries will not be homeowners. They will pay a monthly rent of 500 lei for 20 years.

The works cost over one million euros. 58 percent of the amount is a loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank and the rest - the contribution of the District Council of Glodeni.

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