Falesti town officer detained for injuring Romanian diplomatic representative

An investigation officer of the Falesti town Police Inspectorate was arrested after hitting a pedestrian, and then leaving the scene of the traffic accident, trying to mislead the investigation by determining another person to take the blame for the committed crime.

Everything happened on the night of November 3rd, Stefan the Great street in Balti municipality. The policeman hit the victim, who happened to be the General Consul of Romania in Balti. Following the violent impact, the official was transported with serious injuries to the Balti Municipal Hospital. Currently, the victim's health condition is stable.

After committing the accident, the police officer left the crime scene. Moreover, he persuaded a friend to take responsibility for this accident.

To ensure fair prosecution, the police management will not investigate the criminal case.

The policeman was detained for 72 hours, with accusation of violating the rules of traffic security.

Prosecutors will endeavor a request of 30 days arrest.

The lawman risks up to seven years imprisonment with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of 4 years.

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