Fake calls to 112 are life-threatening. Pranksters face punishments

A prank call to 112 might kill a person. 

An alert has been raised after almost 70 percent of requests that occupy the line were made for amusement. 

In the last five days, around 14 thousand among 21 thousand calls provided false information of make fun. Operators say most of the pranksters were minors. 

"In some calls, I heard the noise of laughter, music. Their parents didn't know about those jokes. We wasted a lot of time on those cases", said Carolina Sclifos, Head of call pickup. 

Thanks to the software implemented only in Sweden and in our country, dispatchers managed to discover the prank calls right away. This avoids the unnecessary deployment of police and firefighters and waste money from the state budget worth 500 lei for each intervention. 

"We locate on the map, compare the place the call-makers tell us and the data on map, if they do not match, it's prank call. The calls are registered and responsible people will be punished by law", said Carolina Sclifos. 

False alerts at 112 is punished with a fine to 1,500 lei and unpaid community service.

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