Fake bomb alert at Chisinau International Airport. Author of the call risks to be fined

The bomb alert from Chisinau International Airport was fake. Thus, the airport started its activity. Yesterday, at 8:45 PM, an unknown said that a bomb was placed in the airport. The rescues went to check all the halls.

Both the passengers and the stuff have been evacuated. The flight from Moscow, Venice and Dublin were delayed.

"We are staying here for half of an hour. They don't let us enter the airport", said a passenger.

"They said there is a bomb placed here."

People say that they haven't been informed about the delays.

"We should have flown to Moscow tonight. They didn't tell us anything."

The rescues didn't find any bombs. If caught, the author of call will risk a fine worth 42 thousand lei, 240 hours of unpaid community work or up to three years behind bars.

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