Facial masks crisis arises in Moldova as Coronavirus spreads

Face masks seem to have become a luxury in pharmacies in the Capital. Against the virus season and the deadly Coronavirus, they are either sold out or sold at an unreasonable prices. 

A month ago, the average price of a mask was 1 leu, however, it costs nearly four lei at the moment. 

Publika TV team tried to find further information at some pharmacies in Chisinau. 

- 3.5 lei for each piece - the pharmacist answered when we asked to buy facial masks. 

- But it was much cheaper. 

- They're no longer cheap. The price was changed. 

- When did it become more expensive? 

- It's different producer with higher price. We no longer have the old products. 

According to them, demand for masks has risen sharply recently while the people consider shortage of facial masks in pharmacy could cause problem. 

We tried to get a reaction from the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, regarding the situation of stocks of medicinal masks available in pharmacies. They have not answered our written request for information. 




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