Facebook introduces Halloween-themed face filters for Live videos

Facebook today is giving users the option to wear "masks" in Facebook Live — at least through Halloween. The limited edition masks include a jack-o'-lantern, a witch, a skeleton, and a few animals. This is the first time Facebook has introduced Snapchat-style face filters. The filters are admittedly less flattering than Snapchat's, but if you want to look like half your face skin is peeling off, it's a pretty good option, The Verge informs.

To begin a stream wearing a mask, open the creative toolbar by tapping the magic wand icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. The mask icon will pop up on the bottom of the screen. If you decide you don't actually want to make a video looking like a panda, you'll be able to remove the mask during a video by scrolling left and tapping the "no mask" sign.

In keeping with the spooky spirit, Facebook will also begin rolling out new Halloween-themed reactions today, like a ghost and a heart that cracks into pieces. I guess those reactions probably both mean "I'm dead."

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