Fabrika: The proposals of ACUM are propaganda

The legislative initiatives proposed by ACUM are nothing else than a propaganda program. This opinion belongs to the yesterday guests of Fabrika talk-show.

Anatol Taranu politics analyst wondered how real it is to implement these projects if these are not discussed with the socialists and the democrats.

"If you only propose these laws without discussing with the other leaders you have no change to apply them. These are only some declarations and you use them in propagandist way in order to become more popular among the citizens who vote for you", mentioned Anatol Taranu.

"Their insistence to make the public space believe that the country is captured and that they want to clean is wonderful, but they can not do it by encroaching the laws. The general prosecutor is called in office for a certain period and so is the SIS director. From my point of view, they are just fulfilling Russia's interests", said Ion Mischevca, journalist.

The guests of the talk show also talked about the way Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase ask the individual support of the deputies.

"How do you see it, guys? You think they will leave their parties and adhere to yours?", wondered Anatol Taranu.

"We got used to call them right wing party. From my point of view, they are not right wing party, but neither left wing party and not even anti-oligarch party", said Ion Mischevca.

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