Fabrika talk show: Andrei Nastase is doing a cheap performance

Andrei Nastase, the PPDA leader still makes a big show, even if he managed to become a deputy. This opinion belongs to the yesterday's guests of Fabrika talk show. They mention that the leaders of ACUM and PSRM will never reach a compromise, because they are just some puppets of the some oligarchs who are not even in Moldova.

"The decisions in politics should be made fast. But, they can't make these decision fast, because they do not decide anything, only their directors who are abroad. These decisions are taken in Moscow and Frankfurt. This is why it is not possible to create a coalition", said Ian Lisnevschi, the director of Intellect Group.

"It is a political game that turned into a spectacle. Actually, we saw such a plot in Ukraine, where a comic became a president. When the comic reaches the Parliament, he has to face the real politics", said Vsevolod Cernei, journalist.

Three months after the February 24 election, the parties who passed in the Parliament didn't manage to make a compromise and form a coalition government.

Immediately after the election, DPM asked ACUM bloc to come at negotiations, then PSRM launched a similar dialogue. ACUM rejected all the invitations.

Then, they gave up on their old ideas and invited PSRM to discuss. Though, the dialogue failed, because they started to fight.

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