Fabrika: Nastase warned against visit to Moscow given he could bear cross on political career

Leader of DA party Andrei Nastase had planned to visit Moscow for long before it was disclosed on the press which led to its cancel. Due to this, Nastase found a formula to avoid speculation and criticism and took a detour till Romania and Vienna. This opinion belonged to guests on Fabrika show on Thursday. 

Moreover, Nastase's visit to the Russian capital was arranged by people from Russian secret service, through intermediary - Grigore Caramalac, the former partner of Platon. 

According to Ion Harghel, the Vice President of PDM Youth Organization, Andrei Nastase mandated Alexandru Machedon to negotiate their interest in Moscow. 

Meanwhile, journalist Nicolae Federiuc revealed a document related to a Romanian party. 

"A paper published on Facebook stated that their colleagues from Romania's National Liberty Party warned them against a visit to Moscow given that they could bear a cross on their political career. In fact, they couldn't collaborate with both Russian services and Romania simultaneously", said Nicolae Federiuc.

The guests also said that the Moscow's reactions mean they don't like the PDM leader and want to change this person. 

"Andrei Nastase and Caramalac and people from Russia are tied by the only reason - the hatred against Plahotniuc. The image of Platon is washed on Jurnal TV, TV 8 and the rest that I want to name Platon Trust Media. Platon is a person directly arranged Nastase or his people", said Ion Harghel.

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