Fabrika guests about true objective of "Dignity and Truth" Party

The objective of "Dignity and Truth" Party is the protection of personal interests and businesses of Topa fugitives. This is the opinion of guests invited yesterday to the show Fablika.

According to them, Andrei Nastase is only a political tool in order to represent the interests of his groomsman, Victor Topa.

The guests say that this tool that represents the interests of Topa suspects is a very primitive one and it is very dangerous for the society.

Moreover, the analysts think that this party has disappointed the citizens and gradually is losing the faith of the people.

In the framework of one edition of the show "The commissary", published on the website moldova24.info, the journalist Gabriel Calin exposes the money laundering schemes of Victor Topa and the role of Andrei Nastase in this script.

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