Fabrika: DPM's decision to give up on power broke Igor Dodon's plan to destabilize political situation in the country

The decision of the Democratic Party of Moldova to withdraw from the Government has overturned Igor Dodon's plan to destabilize the situation in the country. This is the opinion of last night's Fabrika show guests. According to them, this scenario was well established in the Kremlin and had to be implemented by Dodon.

"He needed a very acute crisis here in Chisinau. He believed that the Democratic Party would react violently, unpredictable things will happen." The Democratic Party, through today's approach, has defied the Kremlin's plans to intervene directly, even military, in the Republic of Moldova "said Vlad Darie, a journalist.

At the same time, experts believe the Kozak Alliance does not know how to overcome the constitutional crisis in our country. They say that the deputies of the so-called Sandu Government will still threaten the Constitutional Court.

"Their supreme argument is that the Court is politicized, and the only option, in their view, to resolve the blockade is to give the judges out. If they do not change their decisions and put them out, that does not solve the problem anyway If you elude people, you have to bring others", said Corneliu Ciurea, political analyst.

According to the guests, the Kozak Alliance is not seen well. And this would also make it difficult to fund outside the country, even if Maia Sandu was very confident about the PPDA and PAS affiliated televisions that he would unlock them.

"It is an illegal government and until it is solved this constitutional problem it is absolutely aberrant to enter into such a relationship with this Government. Even if we will resume the financing of the Republic of Moldova, we must understand that the country does not live on foreign money", said Ciurea.

"The situation in which the current Government is going to be very uncertain is because the Republic of Moldova has two neighbors: Ukraine and Romania. The head of state and the partner, let's say Maia Sandu, is not frequent in either Kiev or Bucharest. anti-Roma situations of Dodon, Crimea belongs to Russia, etc. ", Vlad Darie pointed out

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