Fabrika analysts: Through implementation of uninominal voting system, Moldova is a step towards democracy

The uninominal voting system will elect more responsible people, and Parliament will reach people known to citizens. These were the opinions presented by guests on Fabrika talk-show last night. Artists, representatives of parliamentary parties and civil society argues that changing the electoral system in the parliament will bring people who will promote projects for development of the state.

Guests on said civil society representatives who went to public debate on the uninominal vote, not the interests of citizens.

"There have signed over 530,000 citizens, after a few more weeks there will be one million. A million is way ore important that five NGOs that have themselves few people " , said Traian Vasilcau, writer.

Representatives of parliamentary parties support the idea for citizens to directly elect deputies, because such politicians will become more responsible.

"There are other parties that consider themselves in top, that fight against the direct voting are those that do not want to take responsibility for their future actions. One has four year to meet the commitments, after been elected" , said Sergiu Coropceanu, PSD secretary general.

Unionists consider that is will be easier for citizens to discuss with deputies elected in constituencies on all issues. However, the amending of the electoral code should mobilize young people to engage in politics.

"The younger generation is ready to get involved and we believe that by implementing the uninominal vote, Moldova is a step towards democracy" , said Oleg Budza, CNSM president.

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