Fabrika analysts: Jurnal TV show that ridicules the drama of Nogailic family is unacceptable

The satirical reportage aired during "Ora de Ras" show on Jurnal TV about the fallen hero Ivan Nogailic, violate any rule of professional conduct and common sense. This is the opinion Fabrika show guests. They said that it is unacceptable to use a hero's family grief against political fight. 

"I kept asking myself how would the widow of Ivan Nogailic feel" , said writer Traian Vasilcau.

"Freedom of speech is good, but sometimes it must take into account the morals also" , said the journalist Victor Nichitus.

During the show, firefighter Polschin Dumitru said that those who amuse themselves on account of their trade, and the suffering of a family, and they may need the help of rescuers in a day:

"It's painful that these people who laugh at us, tomorrow can find themselves in our place."

Dragos Vicol, a member of CCA, assured that the TV station that published insulting material will be punished:

"I promise you right here right now to apply the toughest measures agains this TV post that allowed themselves such a blasphemy through the presentation of a murder in our media. "

Ivan Nogailic lost his live in the devastating fire of November 11th in a warehouse in the capital. The young rescuer was only 28-year-old and had two little girls of three-year-old. 

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