Fabrika analysts: Igor Dodon continues speaking in name of PSRM

Moldovan President, Igor Dodon says one thing but does another. The Association Agreement with the European Union has brought visible benefits felt by the citizens of Moldova. There statements were made by the guests on Fabrika talk-show.

"This association agreement has brought much benefit, we would have not have the technology transfer, one, and two we had not really maintain jobs, when closed market. We have won a lot in the education field etc." , said director CreDO Sergiu Ostaf.

Analysts have said that the President Igor Dodon can not end the electoral period and will do anything to win the next parliamentary elections.

"Igor Dodon has not ended the presidential elections. He spoke on behalf of the Socialist Party, and not on behalf of all citizens of Moldova. Dodon plays like he's a president" , said columnist Peter Bogatu.

"I think that after this visit, the Moscow authorities have understood very well that political corruption in Moldova, and the most effective step to break Moldova from the European vector and Europeans, have clearly understood who the real leader in Moldova is, not the president" , said Director of the Doctoral School of Law, FIUM Vitalie Gamurari.

Within his official visit to Moscow, Igor Dodon said that if the next parliamentary elections, PSRM will get a majority, then he will require the cancellation of the Association Agreement with the EU.

According to Dodon, the agreement signed by Moldova and the EU brought no benefit to our country. On the contrary, Moldova lost the Russian market.
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