Extraordinary carousel to hearten children in Christmas Fair (PHOTOREPORT)

Winter vibes is present and felt greatly in the capital Christmas market. Carousel for our children is inevitably necessary in this winter holiday. 

According to the authority, one of the most awaited winter attractions - carousel will be ready on December 15 to entertain the kids. 

The carousel has capacity of 70 places and the only one in Moldova. The price will be lower than other carousels in the capital center. 

The price for one time playing until 21:00 will be 25 lei and 35 lei after 21:00. 

The children have chance to admire the new entertainment:

"It's so beautiful, I must try it once".

"It's extraordinary, never have seen such one in Moldova".

"It looks like a carousel in France". 

In addition, the visitors will be able to relax in 4 zones: stage, Santa Claus cottage, an ice rink and of course the fir tree.

The Christmas tree with 19 meters was already installed with 400 colorful globes and 10 000 lights. Other 30,000 LEDs are to be installed, so the Christmas Tree will brighten the entire area.

The workers worked hard during the night in order to manage at the holiday opening. They say they want to dedicate themselves for beautiful holiday. 

"I'm working day and night. We can't stop until the work is finished."

"There are still lots of things to do. We have to work hard".

Even though it's not all ready yet, some curious people have gone through the area to see why surprises will take place. People say they look forward to the opening of the Christmas Fair.

"It will be nice for little children, for adults, for everyone, we look forward to seeing how it will come out."

This year, the Christmas Fair is organized by the Government of the Republic of Moldova

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