Extensive cabinet reshuffles: Five ministers of current composition will be changed

Extensive cabinet reshuffle was introduced today which indicated two new Vice Premiers and five new Ministers. Announcement was made after meeting of ruling coalition today. 

For the first time, our government will have the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration. This position will be taken by PPEM leader Iurie Leanca. The politician is 54 years old and currently holds the position of deputy speaker of Parliament. From 2009 to 2013, Leanca was Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Foreign Ministry.

Cristina Lesnic was proposed for the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. The candidate is 35 years old and is now the head of the European Integration Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior. Cristina Lesnic graduated from Moldova State University and is a doctor of law. He did an internship at the National School of Administration next to the Prime Minister of France.

Alexandru Tanase, nominated for the post of Minister of Justice, led this institution in 2009-2011. Until May this year he was chairman of the Constitutional Court. He graduated from the Law School of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi.

Former Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici was proposed to the head of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. He is a graduate of the economy, 41 years old and led the Government from February to June 2015. From 2008 until 2012, Chiril Gaburici was the director of a mobile phone company in our country.

The current Head of the National Blood Transfusion Center, Svetlana Cebotari, could head the Ministry of Health and Labor. Previously, the candidate submitted the file for the position of Secretary of State.

And the rector of Agrare University, Liviu Volconovici, was proposed Minister of Agriculture and Regional Development. He is a doctor and a university professor.

Tudor Ulianovschi, 34, who is an ambassador to Switzerland, may come to the foreign ministry. He began his diplomatic career in 2005 and later became Deputy Minister. He is also the permanent representative of Moldova to the UN Office in Geneva.

Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc has announced that reshuffles lead to the creation of a technocratic government. Therefore, in the new team, only the prime minister and one minister are members of the PDM. These changes will ensure the independence of the executive, which will be focused on the problems of the citizens.

"We registered big progresses in Government's relationship with the people. I want to congratulate Pavel Filip for his professionalism and great job he did. Also, I want to congratulate all the members of the Government for their activity and the efforts, that were remarked by the citizens and foreign partners. Today, the Government has a higher credibility from the citizens, which is very important, but, anyway, it is not enough for the potential we have. Some may ask why do we do those changes, after those instability years? The reply is very simple: because we want more and we are aware there is place for more", said the leader of PDM.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that, due to these changes, the ministers will not be trained next year in the parliamentary election campaign and will only focus on reforms and the governance agenda.

"These reshuffles and the move announced today will enable the Government to continue its institutional work without being involved in this electoral process", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

According to the PDM, these reshuffles are the last step in the process of reforming the Government.

The head of state, Igor Dodon, reacted negatively to the announced announcements within the Government. The president wrote on a social network that the proposed people are opportunistic and lacking in professionalism.

Igor Dodon said he would sign the resignation of the current ministers, but he will not accept the new candidatures. The head of state believes that the parliamentary majority is committing an mistake through this reform, which could even politicize the Government.

In response, Moldovan Democratic Party spokesman Vitalie Gamurari said that Prime Minister Pavel Filip will insist on the same candidacies, even if the president will refuse to appoint new ministers,

"In the context in which the well-known Constitution of the Republic of Moldova expressly states that the repeated refusal is excluded, when it is secondly obliged to issue a decree and appoint these persons, we remain waiting for the Moldovan President to fulfill his powers and not to talk again about the violation of the Constitution, "said PDM spokesman Vitalie Gamurari.

Vitalie Gamurari does not exclude that in case of institutional blockade, the Government will address the Constitutional Court.

Another similar situation was in September, after Igor Dodon refused to repeatedly appoint Eugen Sturza as Defense Minister, proposed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip. To solve the problem, the prerogatives of the head of state were temporarily taken over by Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu, who signed the decree in this respect.

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