Explosion in Chisinau. Pavel Filip asked required institutions to present actions plan on solving issues that appeared after explosion

Prime minister Pavel Filip requested all the responsible institutions to get rid of the consequences of Rascani explosion. The prime minister informed about the details on this case.

"When a crisis situation occurs, we have two aspects to solve: 1. How to manage the situation. Here I want to thank all the rescues, firemen, doctors and all the persons involved. 2. Make sure that such a situation won't occur again. We, as authorities should take measures to get rid of the consequences of this case and cooperate with the institutions involved in this process", said Pavel Filip. Thus, the prime minister mentioned that the authorities should concentrate on three dimensions now:

1. To make an expertise of the block of flats. According to the preliminary information of the experts, the block will be repaired and the owners of the flats will return back home.

2.Make sure that the people who lost their houses will have a place to live. All who lived on the damaged stair will benefit of another house. Our No.1 priority is the people", said the prime minister.

3. Prevent such situations in the future: "We should make sure that such situations won't happen again. We should talk with people and solve their problems", said Pavel Filip.

The prime minister asked the minister of Economy and Infrastructure to create a working group for a week, that will come up with an actions plan and solutions to what happened. After the block of flats will pass the expertise, the City Hall will repair it.

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