EXPLOSION from Rascani Sector: A criminal file on reckless homicide was opened

The Prosecutor's Office has opened a criminal file for reckless homicide in the case of an explosion in Moscow's block of flats where four people, including one child, died and nine needed medical care after having lived in the block where they lived a strong explosion took place.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the tragedy took place on Saturday night around 23:00 in a building on Moscow Boulevard.

Among the injured is a young woman whose apartment was deflagrated. She was taken out of the ruins of two boys walking in the park near the block. The fireman was also a fireman over which a concrete slab fell. His life is beyond any danger.

If it turns out that the owners of the apartment where the deflagration was not operating the gas cylinder according to the rules, then they risk up to six years of jail.

According to the rescuers, one of the tenants forgot to close the cylinder valve, and the explosion occurred when the owner lit a match.

PUBLIKA TV has launched a campaign to raise awareness among citizens and authorities about the dangers of gas cylinders that have been inadequately used.

It seems that the lessons of the explosions in the past - Soroca, 2014 - Orhei, 2015 - Cantemir, 2016 and 2018 - Chisinau did not help. How far the gloomy statistics will go depends only on us.



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