Experts’ opinions on Moldovan officials halting travels to Russia, because of harrassments

The Moldovan officials are demanded to avoid traveling to Russia. The request has been made by Speaker Andrian Candu and Prime Minister Pavel Filip, following numerous cases of unreasoned detention of Moldovan officials and civil servants in Russia. Certain abusive actions targeted at Moldovan officials are also cited.

The historian Ruslan Şevcenco believes the Russian authorities’ abuses on Moldovan officials follow similar actions by the Moldovan law-enforces regarding Tiraspol civil servants.

"One version may be linked to the probe into the billion theft, which leads to Russia. The second version is related to the Transnistrian area.

If we yield to these pressures, the abuses will continue. Most probably, the Russians are concerned many threads of the theft of the billion lead to Russia, and many Russian bankers are involved in this robbery.

This discredits Russia’s banking system and brings them losses. This is inacceptable for the Russian authorities, because it mars Russia’s image in the world.

Most probably, Russia is going to explain there is no danger, the bilateral relations won’t change, and these are but confusions."

Doctor in law, Vitalie Gămurari: "Given the context of the relations between the two countries, it’s logical for the Moldovan Government to abstain from visits to Russia. It’s a normal practice when certain play rules are not observed between states.


I don’t think it’s a matter of diplomatic conflict, the diplomacy will try and solve it.


Let’s also not forget that when Russia sees a state exiting its influence area, then it uses different levers, as was with Ukraine and now with Moldova. They will try and out pressure on Moldova, but we should not let them do it.


It’s clear Russia used neighboring states to launder money, and they are aware the probe furthering will lead to their discrediting. Thus, the Russian authorities will try and convince us to prolong this investigation or to hide the effects. We should be one step ahead in order not to play the firefighter in a fire between Moldova and Russia."


Expert in international relations Nicolae Afanas: "Russia now may state it recommends its functionaries not to go to Moldova, because there is an enhanced degree of danger here and may worsen our trade relations, which are very difficult.


Only certain companies from certain regions are entitled to export to Russia. I think our relations will stagnate in the near future, what will have a big impact upon the economic and commercial dimension."


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