Experts believe that Năstase will not lift a finger: City Halls needs a manages, not a protester

Andrei Năstase, apparently did not fully understood yet what it means to be a Mayor. He poses a threat to the business environment and potential investors who wish to come to Chisinau, as he did not give up his role as protester. Those are the opinions of last evening Fabrika guests.

"Companies who wish to purchase land in Chisinau and build an factory, they will think how can they possible acquire land in the city, only to have the crazy mayor trespass the private property and beat the workers" civic activist, Mihail Bagas mentioned.

Experts believe that Andrei Năstase will not remain Mayor for long, because he aims for the Parliament. 

"Winning the mayoral elections in Chisinau was nothing else but a trampoline for the parliamentary elections. Do not wait for Năstase to do anything for the citizens of Chisinau. All Mister Năstase does is to gain votes" journalist Victor Nichituş said.

The guests from Fabrika show also claimed that Andrei Năstase will not finish a single project already launched by the Capital's administration.

"City Halls needs a manages, not a protester. We had a Mayor that did not even bother to come to work, we had a Mayor who tried and solved multiple problems and now we will have a Mayor that will cause troubles" Mihail Bagas declared.

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