Expert opinions: Moldovans want political class to be reformed and back modification of electoral system

The opinion poll carried out by the prestigious US company Lake Research Partners has produced relevant data demonstrating the Moldovans want the political class to be reformed and back the modification of the electoral system. The opinions were voiced on a talk-show on Publika TV last night.

"The campaign promoting the uninominal voting system is getting to a close. It was a success. 40 % of the population backs the uninominal, according to the poll," said the political analyst Corneliu Ciurea. 

The manager of the polling company Intellect Group, Ian Lisnevschi, remarked the research had been carried out by a professional team: "It’s an example for us all. It the first study of such proportions. The company is from the USA. They serve as example for other research companies."

CReDO director Sergiu Ostaf stated the poll had shown the parties PAS and Platforma Demnitate şi Adevăr work against society: "Normally the genuinely right-wing parties should plead for electoral systems leading to individualization."

Over 60 % of the respondents in a largest poll ever made in Moldova want the current electoral voting system changed. 

With 12,322 interviewed and an error margin of 0.8 %, the research was carried out in April-May by a prestigious company from the USA Lake Research Partners.

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