Exhibition at the Parliament for State Flag Day (Photo)

An amazing history expo was organized at the Parliament for State Flag Day. People will be able to see duplicates of flags, seals and stamps on which signs of heraldry from different periods are printed.

All the items belong to the Center of Military History and Culture. The oldest flag is of the great Stephen III of Moldavia.

"The symbols of our nation begins from Dacians, which was a wolf's head, worn by our ancestors, but we concentrated more on symbolism, which appeared with Moldavia" director of Center of Military History and Culture, Vitalie Ciobanu declared.

Deputies greeted the act and claim that citizens must know the true origin of their people.

"I believe such expos should be present in schools and universities, for all people from Republic of Moldova to know the history of our flag. The deputies who are closer to flags of other countries should be reminded the fact that they are citizens of Republic of Moldova, are chosen by the people and must show more respect" PDM deputy, Sergiu Sîrbu said.

"I wish for Mr. Dodon to take some time and see the coat of arms of Stephen III of Moldavia and to stop promoting symbols that have nothing to do with our history" PL deputy, Roman Boţan said.

"I believe that we must have a law about the usage of the State Flag and those belonging to other states" PCRM deputy, Oleg Reidman said.

The expo will be open to May 2. State Flag Day is celebrated since 2010, each April 27.

On this day, in 1990, Tricolor was designated as the official State Flag of the Republic of Moldova by the Parliament.

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