Executive's priorities, discussed on a meeting organized by Cabinet of Ministers at Orhei

Reforms started by the Government continue to deliver, and villages and cities are becoming more attractive to investors. The executive's priorities were addressed today at a new meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers organized in Orhei.

In the context of tax reform, Prime Minister Pavel Filip talked about stabilizing our banking system.

"There have been serious investors in the banking system, such as Banca Transilvania, the largest bank from Romania, as well as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. I was glad to see an investor who first talked with him and already opened the second factory. If we were talking about the job issue, today we have the problem of labor shortages", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip. 

The head of the cabinet discussed with local people in Orhei and about education and health reform. In particular, the initiative to open the first individual medical practices from January 1st.

"The doctor will work and receive the money directly from CNAM per capita how many patients he has and I want to assure you that a doctor's income in the locality will increase essentially", said the Prime-Minister.

Participants in the meeting made a row to ask questions.

"Today we have a problem, the Orhei Rayon Hospital, in terms of medical equipment insurance, the hospital was practically free of a radio-diagnostic system", said Andrei Stratulat, interim director of the Orhei District Hospital.

"I know that the hospital has benefited from assistance in the last period of time, but of course we will try to find a solution", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

"From Chiperceni commune to Izvoare village in Pohrebeni we have 17 kilometers of road. A poor road, a very bad road".

"State Secretary Anatol Usatii today goes to the village of Pohrebeni and will go on this road and we will look for solutions to see how we can fix it", said Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Mr. Chiril Gaburici.

"We have the call to include in the national roads for the year 2019 four sectors of regional roads of major importance".

The field of justice was also approached:

"The problem with the headquarters of the Orhei Court is to build the other end of the city, which is very far away, and I would propose that Moldtelecom headquarters, which uses 15 percent, be adapted for this building."

"We know all the issues, all the demands and the wishes of the implementation of the court map. We are examining the wishes", Victoria Iftodi, Justice Minister, said.

Government members have one day a week to go to the territory to get involved in solving the problems faced by citizens.

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