EXDRUPO unready for second snow. Salt out of stock in two days

Mayors of the suburbs convened today to discuss the state of the roads in the Capital but also in the suburbs.

The municipal enterprise EXDRUPO says it has only 800 tons of salt in stock, which can last for one night and half a day, and the anti-skid material can reach the end of this week.

Thus, the Mayor of Chisinau agreed to give 10 tonnes of salt to Cricova, where both minibuses and buses run on secondary streets.

Also, the localities of Truşeni and Ghidighici still need snow removal. 

Additionally, the mayor of the village Cheltuitori thanked the municipal enterprise EXDRUPO and the city council because they acted swiftly and quickly cleaned the roads. 

The Chisinau City Hall continues to monitor the situation of the roads in the Capital. 

The Yellow Warning will expire on Thursday 22 March. Up to -9 degrees will be forecast at the nighttime in the next days. 

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