Exclusive. Renato Usatii caught lying about knowing Proca. Reaction of Gherman Gorbuntsov (VIDEO)

Renato Usatîi admits he was involved in Vitalie Proca's extradition from Russia to Romania in 2013. But he refuses to say, but in what capacity he was involved in that operation.

Proca was convicted in Romania for an assassination attempt and is suspected of trying to kill the businessman Gherman Gorbuntsov, in 2012, in London.

Proca Usatii spoke at a press conference.

"After I met with law enforcement officials in Romania, I can tell you that I helped, and Proca was shortly extradited" ,  said the leader of the "Our Party", Renato Usatîi.

Subsequently, Usatii contradicts himself saying that he has met Proca recently.

"I started to get in touch with the procedures in a folder investigation in Romania on the recommendation of law enforcement agencies from Romania. I never met Proca" , added the leader of the "Our Party" Renato Usatîi.

The politician was bothered by questions of journalists who were interested when he will go to Romania to testify.

"I can tell you that I will go, but I do not say the day when I'll do this, I do not want to go to Romania" ,  said the leader of the "Our Party" Renato Usatîi.

Usatii was asked about Alexei Bucatari, alias "Lioha", held early last year with two other individuals, by police in Odessa for illegal possession of explosives. He is part of a criminal group that committed several very serious crimes in Moldova.

His name appears in an audio recording of Renato Usatîi, which called him "brother". Usatîi admitted that knows him.

A proof are the phone calls in the press, where Renato Usatii praises  Alexei Bucatari for owning 78 percent stake in Universalbank.

Former owner of the majority stake in the bank, Herman Gorbunţov, accused him Usatâi that would have taken illegal actions by raider attack.

- He started otherwise. Can I have more shares in the bank?
- What does he has now in the bank?
- He has about 6%, which were taken when the Communists left. He attempts, by law, to turn back his six percent. But I's six percent do not touch me, I took my 78% stake. If gets his 6%, I have nothing against it. Maybe it will be more advantageous to sell them to us,  these 6%" , said Usatîi.

Renato Usatîi fled to Moscow, because of the investigated for complicity in the case of the assassination attempt of banker Gherman Gorbuntsov.

Previously, Usatîi had promised half a million dollars to whoever will bring Gorbuntov in Moldova.

"I appeal to all Romanian immigrants (born in Moldova). Who brings Gorbuntsov  in a bag and throws  him in front of the prosecution, will receive a reward of $500,000" ,  added the leader of the "Our Party" Renato Usatîi.

PUBLIKA.MD recalled that in March 2012, businessman Gherman Gorbuntsov was shot in London. The banker survived, and according to the investigation, Vitalie Proca is the killer and he received 100,000 euros from 600,000 promised in exchange for false testimony on this file from Renato Usatii.

The leader of the political party "Our Party" was chased by police in Moldova.

Businessman Gherman Gorbuntsov again accuses Renato Usatii for being a liar and be a liar and being  behind several illegal actions. The accusations come in response to recent statements by Usatii's file of the assassination attempt on Gorbuntsov.

In an interview for the portal crimemoldova.md former banker claims that soon documents that will prove Usatii's lies will emerge.

Exclusively Gherman Gorbuntsov answered a few questions about Usatii's statements.

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