EXCLUSIVE interview with Pavel Filip: In 2017, promising projects and investments of millions await us

In 2016 Moldova has managed to regain its trust with the external partners, after a political crisis having hit the economy. The Government has managed to unlock the external financing, while in 2017, promising projects and investments of millions await us and will re-launch the Moldovan economy.

The statements have been made by Premier Pavel Filip in an interview for Publika TV.

"From the very start, one objective of ours was to re-make ourselves credible in front of our foreign partners. That’s why we agreed with the representatives of the European Commission to draft a Roadmap. Meanwhile, discussing with the representatives of the IMF we agreed upon certain pre-conditions and we started to carry out those preconditions, stept by step.

The program with the IMF triggered the unlocking of financing of our development partners," said Filip.

He maintains the Cabinet set to execute a series of reforms next year, as one of them refers to the Government:

"Our reforms agenda is quite ambitious. We have started some reforms this year. It’s the reform of the State Chancellery, the pension system reform. Next is the reform of the public administration.

It should start from the Government. It’s about making more efficient the central public administration. It’s the beginning, the end being the form of the local public administrations. This reform is the corner stone of Moldova’s getting modernized."

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