Exclusive interview with Andrian Candu: Moldova wants to enhance transatlantic dialogue, confirm the US as strategic partner

The previous governments in the Republic of Moldova ignored the transatlantic dialogue, unlike other countries in our region, which caused the lack of necessary support at the right time from Washington. Now, however, Moldova wants to make changes in this respect, to confirm that the US is not only an important but also strategic partner.

The statement was made by Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker, in an interview with Prime TV at the end of his official visit to the US, along with his counterparts in Ukraine and Georgia.

Alexei Lungu: What are the conclusions and messages from Washington to Republic of Moldova? 

Andrian Candu: The United Sates remains involved in bringing the necessary support both to the Republic of Moldova and to the region as a whole. It's important for Moldova, the US is a strong state with developed democratic institutions, where the rule of law is above of all, it's more important that it will accelerate reform help the country achieve the fastest possible success for being an ally and a strong friend to the US is important, that's also what the US wants, writes prime.md

The Republic of Moldova is seen positively through reforms and successes in recent years. At the same time, both the US and other partners understand that many things can not happen overnight and it takes time, additional expertise is needed, sometimes financial support is needed in some reforms, and the US will certainly be with the Republic of Moldova and will provide all the necessary.

Alexei Lungu: We have recently witnessed a continuity of visits to the US, the visit of PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc, your visit or the visit of Premier Pavel Filip. How important is it to consolidate this dialogue with the US, in conditions we have to face quite serious challenges?

Andrian Candu: Regretfully, the former Moldovan authorities did not focus much on the transatlantic dialogue and, unlike other countries in the region, we did not have the necessary support at the right time. Now, however, we are focusing on transatlantic dialogue and cooperation, and we must understand that the US is an extremely important and strategic partner for the Republic of Moldova.

That is why the dialogue at all levels, whether it is a very high level, you mentioned that it is the prime minister, the president of the Parliament, but also at the level of the ministers and at the level of the agencies and at the level of the political parties, such dialogue is important. Here in Washington, Moldova and the region will be more well known, the challenges and solutions will be found, including with the help of the US.

Alexei Lungu: What would be your message to the ordinary citizen of the Republic of Moldova, who still thinks that our country can reach the world of free states?

Andrian Candu: For sure Republic of Moldova will be in the world of free states. We do it daily through all the efforts we make, to create institutions, to create good laws, to correct the laws that are not good. It takes time. Regretfully, changes can't be made overnight.

The most important is to understand that developed states such as the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Western countries are next to the Republic of Moldova if the Republic of Moldova accept them.

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