EXCLUSIVE: How did the Bucharest airplane illegally land on Chisinau International Airport

According to Publika.MD, BOEING 737 airplane had two Ireland pilots, three passengers on board. Two of them were Greeks and one American.

The team landed from Bucharest for a test drive. The reason was that the American passenger wanted to buy the airplane. 

They requested the approval of Moldova civil air authority to land on Chisinau International Airport. The Moldovan authorities didn't allow this to happen, because they didn't have the required documents for this right.

Despite, the pilots decided to land on Chisinau International Airport.

Many institutions from Moldova investigate this case. The airplane was seriously inspected. They didn't find any forbidden things on board.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that an airplane illegally entered the air space of Moldova today.

Fredolin Lecari, the director of the Border Police declared that all the persons on board have been interrogated.

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