EXCLUSIVE! Bucharest deputy mayor Bădulescu discloses connection of Andrei Nastase with Russian intelligence services and organized criminal group

Bucharest deputy mayor Aurelian Bădulescu disclosed the connections of candidate of bloc ACUM to Chisinau's Mayoralty, Andrei Nastase, with the Russian intelligence services and organized criminal group. The statements were made exclusively for Publika. 

Andrei Nastase declined to comment on this information. 

According to the Bucharest official, if Nastase is elected, he will have to keep two promises he made to his companions.  

"The citizens of Chisinau must know that Andrei Nastase, under his cover name Andrei Andreievici, establishes a permanent connection with one person from the Russian intelligence services. He's also very well affiliated with an organized criminal group he represents these days.

If he becomes a mayor, he will have to hand over the management of the Central Market to a group of mafia interests. Under his protection, this group will continue smuggling cigarettes in which he and his companions are involved. 

Secondly, he will have to retain Valentin Fiodorov in the position of deputy of the Border Police Inspectorate. This person and Nastase are members of the organized criminal group which has branches in Germany. He is a part of this organized crimes map and should not be elected", said Aurelian Bădulescu.

Aurelian Bădulescu revealed those who lead this network are Ţopa brothers. 

"As far as I know, Victor Ţopa is Nastase's godfather. Nastase appeals to all sorts of options to obtain all profits and strengthen the collaborators in this organized criminal network. 

I want to say that the leader of this network are Ţopa brothers. Their network have headquarters in Ukraine and Lithuania. It does nothing but smuggle counterfeit cigarettes on the Poland route. 

Attention! They smuggle cigarettes through corrupt policemen on the territory of Germany which prejudices the German budget. 

I wish you to carry out a thorough investigation regarding these Ţopa brothers. I don't think they are the subject of this discussion but the involvement of Nastase and the way he strengthens his position to ensure the protection of these offenders". 

The Romanian politician also came with an invitation for Nastase. 

"If Mr. Nastase is brave enough, I invite him tomorrow evening to any public television in order to let the evidence available to the public, so that we can help Chisinau and the future administration avoid working with a mafia. That the general counselors won't live with the fear for their lives". 


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