Excellent young Moldovans with their teachers awarded at Young Talent Gala

The most excellent young Moldovans and their teachers have been awarded at the Young Talent Gala organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

Students were appreciated for merits obtained in different contests they attended last year. 

Tudor Bileţchi is one of those excellent recipients with his great performance in a contest in Romania which he managed to reach the semifinal by his voice. 

The young people were first selected at their schools and and then at a commission created at the ministry.

"We want to support the young talents in our schools, to motivate them and to encourage them to attend art schools, to love music and to love the beauty. We appreciate the results at the international fairs recognized here both in Chisinau and at European level" said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Andrei Chistol.

Besides the diplomas, students and teachers were awarded with money prizes ranging from 1500 to 3000 lei. The Young Talent Gala is at its second edition, and the available fund was 180,000 lei.


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