Excellent news! Persons with vision disorder benefit quality treatment as endowed equipment reached hospital

Persons with vision problems will now benefit from diagnosis and quality treatment after modern equipment was brought to Republican Clinical Hospital. It is an ophthalmic laser that will allow ambulatory treatment, and an ophthalmic ultrasound.

Iaroslav Lipovețchi came to the hospital with a piece of wire in his eye one year ago. He might lose eye vision, fortunately, the doctors managed to save his eye. He needs an operation to restore his vision. It is enabled now thanks to the new equipment. 

"I think it's very good, especially it might bring the good result. Absolutely this equipment is necessary in order to examine his eye", said Jaroslav Lipoveţchi, a patient.

Head of Ophthalmology Department says that thanks to new devices, patients with eye disorders will benefit from an exact diagnosis and an effective treatment. 

"We have a previous pole laser that helps us solve some ambulatory problems without patient hospitalization. It allows us to solve secondary cataract cases, some forms of glucoma," said Eugen Bendelic, head of the USMF ophthalmology department.

The equipment cost nearly 200,000 euros, money provided by the Norwegian state, as part of a project.

"If doctors will be able to use this equipment, they will be able to offer quality services and help the patients the risk vision loss", said Hans Bakketeig, the representative of Hjelp Moldova.

"We are glad that this donation from Hjelp Moldova has reached the Republican Hospital where the most complicated cases are treated", stressed Boris Gîlca, the Secretary General of State of MSMPS.

Similar equipment was endowed with the municipal hospital Holy Trinity as well as the Institute of Emergency Medicine. The total cost of the donation is 600 thousand euros.

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