Ex-State Secretary Dumitru Mînzarari accuses Igor Dodon of violating Constitution

Former Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defense Dumitru Mînzarari says that President Igor Dodon violated the Constitution when he invited Serghei Şoigu to Chisinau. He is of the opinion that the Head of State has challenged the Government's authority to expand its influence.

"The realization of the internal and foreign policy of the state is the sole and absolute prerogative of the Government. The president has no right to carry out policies. The visit of a member of a foreign government is about the foreign policy of the country. Especially when it comes to a state like Russia, which endangers national security, occupying 11% of the country's territory, "Mînzarari wrote on Facebook.

He also explained that Igor Dodon is not allowed to invite a defense minister even though he is the supreme commander: Read carefully the president's duties in the field of defense (art. 87). They are also strictly delimited "under the conditions of the law".

Russian Defense Minister Serghei Şoigu will pay a visit to Chisinau on August 24. 

Prime Minister Maia Sandu was outraged that this visit was not coordinated and all legal steps had not been taken. Sandu announced to Defense Minister Pavel Voicu that under these conditions Şoigu may come to the Republic of Moldova as a tourist. As a reply, Voicu said that the Russian official comes at the invitation of President Igor Dodon.

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