Everyday a woman from Moldova is diagnosed with Fallopian Tube Cancer

Authorities have begun a campaign to prevent Fallopian Tube Cancer using cervical screening. Using the project that will last 3 years, specialists wish to reduce the number of cases of illness.

A total amount of 760 000 women, aging between 25 to 61-year-old will benefit for free from this service.

In 2011, Otilia Rădeanu was diagnosed with Fallopian Tube Cancer after giving birth to her first child. She immediately begun treatment and now, she has two more children.

"After the first birth I was advised by my general practitioner to perform a Papanicolaou test and was told that his is a normal procedure, therefore I was not stressed. Even while taking treatment I was going to work. Everything is fine now" Otilia Rădeanu narrated.

While some women are concerned over their health, others have never done any screenings.

"I have never done any test. It is good for women, as they get to know at what phrase the illness is and if the treatment is efficient."

"At the beginning of the year, a doctor comes to our village to make screenings, then sends them to Chisinau and afterward the result come back in. It is especially important for those over 40 to take regular tests."

According to the statistics, in Moldova, each day a woman is diagnosed with Fallopian Tube Cancer and every third day one of them passes away.

For the past 5 years, over 1 500 women were diagnosed with Fallopian Tube Cancer, while over a thousand lost their lives.

At most risk are those between 35 and 45-year-old. Therefore, this project aims to raise awareness among women and urge them to seek medical help from time.

"Through this project we will intensity our efforts to not only ensure a healthy population, but also save as many lives as possible. We will supply 3 laboratories with modern equipment" Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Stela Grigoraş declared.

 "The screening program will cover at least 70-80% of women. This effort has to be supported by the community's willingness and such services made more popular among women" UNFPA Moldova representative, Rita Columbia said.

Women who wish to exclude the risk of any sort of fallopian tube illness must request their general practitioner where they can take a free Papanicolaou test.

If the diagnoses will confirm the existence of any illness, they will be redirected for more detailed investigations to the Mother and Child Center or the Oncological Institute.

"We are responsible to find any premature illnesses in a women's reproductive system and stop them from spreading. Two subdivisions will be formed, one for coordination and Fallopian Tube Cancer screening and another for colposcopy" director of the Oncological Institute, Sergiu Gladun declared.

This project is meant to reduce the number of Fallopian Tube Cancer with 20% by the end of 2025.

It's estimated to 1.2 million US dollars and is financed by Ministry of Health, in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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