European Union offers loan for development of water supply system

The European Union's Neighbourhood Investment Facility, together with European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, help to improve water supply in northern Moldova. It’s a €30 million project to which the EU contributes €10 million in grants as of yesterday, 1st of August.

The financing will enable the municipality of Balti and six districts – Floresti, Soroca, Sangerei, Telenesti, Rascani and Drochia – as well as the Ministry of Environment to consolidate their water and wastewater infrastructure into a joint operating company. The newly created regional operator will then develop the Soroca-Balti water pipeline into a more integrated water supply system, which will improve the quality and efficiency of water and wastewater services across Moldova's northern region.
The investment will help rehabilitate the Soroca-Balti pipeline and other water networks in the region, increase the number of new connections to the pipeline and within the districts, reduce water losses and increase energy efficiency.
The project also aims to attract a private operator to manage the water and wastewater services on behalf of the joint operating company, which will result in more efficient services.
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