European Investment Bank will offer Moldova a loan to ensure electricity interconnection with Romania

Moldova will receive support from European Investment Bank to ensure electricity interconnection with Romania. Cabinet of Minister have approved today the beginning of negotiations for the Contract Financing between Republic of Moldova and European Investment Bank (EIB), regarding the electricity interconnection of Moldova and Romania.

EIB will offer our country an 80 million euro loan. The money will be used to build a back-to-back station in Vulcănești and electric power distribution of 400 kW between Vulcănești and Chișinău, as well as extending the transformation station from Chisinau and from Vulcănești.

Therefore, the construction and infrastructure development necessary for permanent electricity interconnection between Republic of Moldova and Romania will be ensured.

The project of electricity interconnection between Republic of Moldova and Romania will grow the electricity security of our country, offering permanent access to the regional electricity market. 

This measure will also ensure better electricity bills for consumers.

The full expenses of this project are estimated to be of 270 million euro.

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