European conditions at Mother and Child Institute. Institute's main entrance, inaugurated (PHOTO REPORT)

Modern conditions at the Mother and Child Institute in Chisinau. The repair works, started within the campaign"Moldova Rebirth", have been finished. Today, the founder of Edelweiss foundation, Vlad Plahotniuc, together with ambassador of Romania in Moldova, Marius Lazurca, have inaugurated the main entrance of the Institute's maternity.

During two years, the period of the campaign "Moldova Rebirth", were modernized three sections of the maternity building, one of them being the section of births. Here was brought modern equipment, with the help of which the physicians' work is more efficient.

The founder of Edelweiss foundation, Vlad Plahotniuc, thanked all persons involved in the campaign "Moldova rebirth", including the Government of Romania, which gave a considerable financial support for the modernization of the institution. Moreover, he declared that this campaign will continue, and other maternities in the country can benefit from help.

"There are other conditions than before, when my first child was born here. The modernization of this maternity, of this institution, is an ambitious project, destined to show all people how a European institution has to look, and how we want to change Moldova. If we managed to do it within this project, we will manage in other projects.  I have been personally convinced that people are very helpful, because after I made donations, people started to donate as well. People from various cities and villages, simple persons, public officers, and businessmen" has declared the founder of Edelweiss, Vlad Plahotniuc.

The ambassador of Romania in Chisinau has stressed out that the initiative of Vlad Plahotniuc has mobilized the society.

"The campaign is called "Moldova Rebirth" and the Government of Romania has decided to join this campaign, a popular one, as Mr. Plahotniuc said, is started at the initiative of a person, after which thousands of people joined, some poor, others rich, people from Moldova. And I think that there is a good case, this kind of mobilizing examples need to continue, because good deeds do not have political color, good deeds are spreading the welfare beyond affiliation, political views, tastes" said the ambassador of Romania in Chisinau, Marius Lazurca.

The physicians say that thanks to the last-generation equipment they have managed to save the lives of many kids.

"This space is intended for the resuscitation of newborn babies. The babies born prematurely that weigh 500 to 1,000 grams" has mentioned the director of the prenatal centre of the Mother and Child Institute, Iurie Caraus.

"Everything is new, rooms, equipment, and furniture. People work better and easier. For example, the fetal monitor with the help of which we can hear the heartbeat of the baby, we see the uterine contractions. We had to listen with our ears, because the stethoscope was old and not very convenient to use" has mentioned the director of the prenatal centre of the Mother and Child Institute, Iurie Caraus
Mothers are the happiest of the conditions in which they can bear their children.

"Everything is new. The way the walls were painted, the smell was different, now everything is different. You can see that it’s European" said the superior midwife of the section, Maia Oglinda.

"The conditions here are wonderful. When I came I thought that the equipment will be from the Soviet Union, but it is new. I like very much the conditions from here".

"Now the conditions are good. Every ward has its own toilet, shower, there is always hot water, food. We are glad that there are such conditions in Moldova".
The social campaign "Moldova Rebirth" was launched two years ago by the Edelweiss foundation for the modernization of the maternity division of the Mother and Child Institute.

At that time was organized the tele-marathon with the same name, hosted by Andreea Marin, in the framework of which were collected 1 million euro.

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