Europe financed installing trash bins in Moldovan villages

European solutions for waste collection are also successfully implemented in our country, Calfa village, Anenii Noi district is an example. Trash cans were installed in the locality. 

More trash cans were further installed in other five localities in the district. 

Waste selection platforms are located in the most crowded areas, such as the central street of Calfa village, Anenii Noi district, which is next to a minibus station. The dustbins located here allow the waste to be sorted according to the material of which they are composed: paper, household waste, glass or plastic.

People say this solution is very appropriate it helps clean up the village. 

"It's good idea but sometimes people don't know what to bring to trash cans. 

Importantly, the children learn to categorize the trash.

"I have paper and I have to throw them n the can for paper."

More garbage cans were installed in the local high schools as well.

Local public authorities say they will carry on new projects. They also want to build a ramp where waste will be stored and processed. But it requires more than a hundred thousand dollars.

The project cost 10,000 euros provided by Germany. Accordingly, trash bins were installed in villages of Calfa, Roşcani, Speia, Teliţa, Bulboaca and Gura Bâcului from Anenii Noi district. 

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