Eugen Sturza to take office as new Defense Minister

Public Relations and Communications Directorate of the Parliament has declared that Eugen Sturza will be installed as new Minister of Defense, after giving his pledge on Tuesday, October 24th, at the Official Residence. The order will be signed by Andrian Candu, who is currently acting as deputy head of state, wrote IPN.

Eugen Sturza's candidacy was forwarded on September 12, by the Prime Minister and rejected by the President. He was later forwarded again, but was rejected a second time.

As a result, the official has addressed Constitutional Court in order to clarify what actions the Prime Minister can take and what decisions can be approved by the Parliament to solve the issue of naming new Minister of Defense. 

The Constitutional Court announced on 17th November that the President of Republic of Moldova has the right to verify the candidate, but not to veto the Prime Minister's proposal.

The repeated refusal of the head of state to carry out his constitutional obligations to name the new Minister of Defense is a grave breach of his constitutional obligations.

On October 20, Constitutional Court has decided that in order, the President of Moldovan Parliament or the Prime Minister, will temporary act as deputy head of state to sign the order installing new Defense Minister.

Taking into consideration the President's repeated refusal to carry out his constitutional obligations in naming the new Minister of Defense, he was temporarily declared as unfit to perform his duty, which justifies the installment of an interim deputy president to carry out this responsibility.

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