Eugen Sturza: National Army will be subjected by anyone except the citizens

The National Army is not and will not be subjected to anyone except the sovereign decisions of the people. That is the message of former Defense Minister Eugen Sturza, who mentions that the military is not an exchange currency for political parties or interest groups.

"No state, political entity or other order, can or will not dictate to the National Army. Governments are changing, politicians all, and the will of the people must be the only beacon of guidance in all decision-making processes.

In my appointment, I said that it is important that the National Army is not involved in political games in order not to weaken such an eternally marginalized structure.

As it is then, I say it now: The Supreme Command of the Army is the people, and the duty of the military is to serve its homeland and its citizens. I keep my word, "Sturza said.

At the end of his term, Eugen Sturza said he wants the situation created in the country to be solved peacefully, through dialogue and according to the constitution and the legal framework.

"I want to thank the Defense Ministry, the General Staff and the entire National Army for all the effort to make the National Army stronger, more contemporary and professional. I hope we put the foundations of the National Army of the future, the process is irreversible, and the Western model of development will remain the only model accepted by anyone who will take over the leadership of the institution.

I sincerely hope that our troops will continue to benefit from the best training, equipment and weaponry, and will continue to deepen interoperability with the strategic partner country troops.

On this occasion, I want to thank our strategic partners, especially NATO, USA, Romania, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, etc., for the continued support offered and for the relationship that has been created between our institutions.

After one year and eight months at the Ministry of Defense, I say proudly: "I am serving the Republic of Moldova!", Concluded Eugen Sturza in a Facebook post.

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