Eugen Luchianiuc replied to Andrei Nastase by writing a public letter to Costiujeni Psychiatric Hospital

Eugen Luchianiuc addressed an open letter to the director of Costiujeni Hospital and asks him to take control over Andrei Nastase.

"Dear director of Psychiatric Hospital director, I consider that you don't exercise your role as you should do. More and more people who suffer of a mental disease want to control the governance and want to get involved in the public life of the Republic of Moldova.


The heirs of Mihai Ghimpu are not ashamed to ruin the information on the only informing web site,, thus they are cursing in public and are calling people liars. Such persons should not take care about the future of this country. They are in delirium.

Can you, please take some measures over these people. You can tell all the citizens the results after you will investigate them.

Thank you for your attention!


The mental health of our nation is the pylon of a healthy future", said Eugen Luchianiuc in his letter.

We remind that yesterday, Andrei Nastase attacked Eugen Luchianiuc:" Sent him to a doctor. He is not a blogger, he is mercenary."


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