EUBAM's new head wishes economic prosperity for Transnistrian area

Ambassador Harcourt Andrew Pretorius Tesoriere became the Head of the EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) to Moldova and Ukraine. He looks forward to strengthening EUBAM’s close working relationship with partners in Moldova and Ukraine and also wishes to contribute positively within the terms of EUBAM’s mandate to inclusive solutions that enhance regional cooperation, including economic prosperity for Transnistria.

Before his new appointment, Andrew Tesoriere served as the Deputy Head of Mission. He has deep experience at senior level with the UN, OSCE, NATO and the British Government.

The EU Border Assistance Mission promotes border control, customs and trade norms and practices that meet EU standards and serve the needs of its two partner countries.

It is an advisory, technical body based in Odessa (Ukraine), according to EU Neighborhood Info Center.

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