EU to finance Moldova 5.5 million EUR for mutual Agreements

The European Union will finance Moldova with two projects worth 5.5 million EUR. One project is addressed at promoting benefits of Association Agreement while the other is aimed at Free Trade Agreement. 

The second project connecting national markets at the European standards will be implemented in three years. The two projects will be launched in october and november.

In these seven months of this year, export value of Moldova to EU countries accounted for 780 million dollars or approximately 64% of total export value. 

In this context, the President of Parliament, Andrian Candu, reiterated that the EU did not stop the financing for our country, as former MEP Petras Austrevicius has already insinuated. The head of the legislature said that the agreement on EU macro-financial assistance is already under way.

"We can examine whether this agreement has to be ratified by the Parliament, and the ten conditions set for the first payment must be executed by us.

"They were passed and included in the Road Map no.2, in other words, we are already in the process of execution which meets those conditions, "said Andrian Candu.

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