EU remains largest investor in Moldova - say experts

The European Union has been the largest investor in Moldova ,60 per cent while American firms only constitutes 2 per cent and Russia makes up around one fourth. 

One third of the foreign investment is focused in energy. Almost 20 per cent of foreign capital reaches the financial sector, and more than 15 per cent - in manufacturing.

The data show the most unattractive field is agriculture, where the volume of foreign investment represents only one percent. Experts believe that it is also the prohibition imposed on foreign citizens to purchase agricultural land.

 Report data show that although the number of foreign-owned enterprises accounts for only 7 per cent of the total, foreign employees constitute 15 per cent of total data in country. Also, the contribution of foreign investors to the social insurance budget is 21 percent.

The report was drafted by the German Economic Team of Moldova, a group of experts advising the Government. For the study, the data published by the National Bank and the Statistics Bureau were used.

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