EU-main partner of Moldova. Relationship has been developed

The financial assistance of the EU with Moldova will concentrate on such projects as drinking water proof and the support of small and medium companies. This message belongs to two European officials who visited Chisinau.

Christian Danielsson, the general director for neighboring politics of the European Commission declared that Brussels decided to give our country money for certain projects. The money will be allocated especially in infrastructure.

"Our target is to provide better conditions for the Moldovan citizens", said Christian Danielsson, general director within the European Commission.

Thomas Mayr Harting, the manager of Services for Foreign Politics in Europe and Central Asia said that the Association Agreement, that also includes the Free Trade Zone leaded to a stronger bound between Moldova and EU.

"This cooperation has already brought benefits. Moldova registered an economic growth", said Thomas Mayr Harting, the manager of Actions Service for Europe and Central Asia.

Since the Free Trade Agreement was signed, in 2014, the European Union is the main partner of Moldova. The previous year, 64% of the exports were to the EU.

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