EU - main commercial partner of Moldova. 65% of products are exported on European market

The European Union is the main trade partner of Moldova. The previous year, 65% of the products were exported in the EU. In CSI, Moldova exported only 20% of the products. 12 years ago, the difference of the markets was huge.

The share of Moldovan exports to CSI was of 50%. A group of German researchers proved that the impact of the Free Trade Agreement, the EU changed the Moldovan economy.

According to some information from 2004, the export rate to EU was 41%, while in CSI - 51%. In 2016 there was a considerable turn on the EU market, thus the export was of 65% of the goods. 20% were exported in CSI.

26% of the exported goods are vegetables. Comparatively with the 2004 year, the export rate has raised twice. The alimentary products consist 16% of the exports. Here can be introduces the wines, juices and other alcohol drinks. 

The export of the car equipment consists 15% of the exports, which represents a four times raise. The IT sphere is the most active in the service sector and consists 9% of the exports, comparatively with 1% in 2004.

Some of the deputies showed their interest in the possibility of the export extension on the EU market.

''When will the EU open the market for the meat export?'' said Corneliu Dudnic, deputy of PDM.

''I am not sure if you manage to achieve the necessary standards. The most difficult is to export meat in the EU. You even should indicate who was the grandfather of the cow to export the meat'', said Ricardo Giucci, GET Moldova leader.

Ricardo Giucci appreciated the fact that the exports in Moldova are turned both on Est and West. He recommended to keep the ones on West more.

The indicators of the report also show that in 2016, the PIB of the CSI was 10,5% comparatively with the one from the EU. The PIB in the Russian Federation is of 7,8%, while in the EU 8,9%.

Close to the Eastern Partnership Summit from Bruxelles, the President of the Parliament requested a opinion according to the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Republic of Moldova and European Union.

''This means that Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will be together at the discussions about the relationship between those countries. Definitely, there will be a competition between those countries, a competition that already started. Each country should have a leadership in many spheres'', said Adrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.

''You are the country number one, when it comes to the European Integration. We have relationships with the other countries too, but the trade relationship with them is on a low level'', said Ricardo Giucci, GET Moldova leader.

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