EU is exemplary Moldova can follow to develop fast with high standard - Andrian Candu

The only one model that Moldova should follow to develop fast and intensively is the European Union. This is the declaration of Parliament President, Andrian Candu, after the working group on Consitution Amendment towards Moldova's European Integration has been formed. 

"Finally, the project initiated by me and my colleagues from PDM was approved. The working group will elaborate and amend the Consitution, so as to transform Moldova towards European Union integration. 

It is very important for us to be closer and collaborate with the EU. The only model we believe that Moldova can follow to develop quickly and superbly is the EU model, "concluded Andrian Candu.

The Working Group will have 45 days to develop the best formula to modify the Supreme Law.

The Association and Free Trade Agreement with the European Union was signed in Brussels on 27 June 2014.

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