EU export ensures Transnistria's social stability, indicates Minister Popescu

The social stability in the Transnistria region depends on the exports to EU, Foreign Affairs Minister Nicu Popescu said in an interview for

"Companies in the Transnistria region, which are registered in the Moldovan state institutions, export to EU. 70% of export goods are delivered to EU. Therefore, the region's social stability depends on EU export", said Popescu. 

While in 2018, Russia was the market of only 8% of export goods, and the 68% to EU. 

"In 2014, Russia imposed taxes for 19 categories of goods and only five of these restrictions were abolished. We don't have similar problems with Kazakhstan, Belarus or CIS countries. We hope to resolve this problem bilaterally because the free commerce should be in practice, not only on paper", added Popescu.


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